The application is designed to help with the coding of trial balances by storing accounts production system codes against bookkeeping system descriptions any time trial balances (TBs) are coded for clients. This way the next time a TB containing the same descriptions is imported the software will recognise the descriptions used and then automatically generate the associated accounts production system codes, thereby saving users from the chore of coding TBs year on year.

Furthermore, if a TB for a new client is loaded, the system can auto-generate codes if the TB contains descriptions which have already been matched to AP codes. Moreover, because the matches are stored at the module level, and not at the user level,  matches generated by a member of staff can be used by other team members, thereby saving users time and effort.

Another advantage of the application is that unlike most other systems, maps created by users are not based on bookkeeping system codes as a result clients will not be restricted in their choice of nominal account codes within their bookkeeping system.

TB Coder is directly integrated with Xero,Quickbooks,Freeagent and Kashflow.

  • Final Trial Balance Import
    Import trial balances from Excel/CSV or directly from online accounting applications. Coded Trial balances can then be exported into formats compatible with the relevant accounts production system.
  • Xero, Quickbooks, KashFlow, Freeagent Integration
    Instantly extract trial balances directly from the above applications with a click of a button.
  • Electronic Working Papers - Coming soon!
    Document accounts preparation work in a standardised professional manner. Record and document  client queries. Store accounts review notes electronically etc.
  • Automatically Updated Lead Schedules - Coming soon!
    Has the entries on the trial balance changed? Why waste time manually updating paper or excel lead schedules. The software automatically takes care of this, saving you valuable time.
  • Re-use Saved Maps
    Why waste time coding trial balances year on year. TB coder stores client specific maps for use year on year. Coded trial balances can be exported into the formats required by all the major AP systems in the market.
  • Compare Trial Balances
    Has the entries in the bookkeeping system changed? Use the above feature to isolate and track the changes.
  • Total Flexibility
    TB Coder re-generates AP codes based on bookkeeping system descriptions,and not code, in the client chart of accounts, hence clients have total flexibility in their choice of account codes.
  • Unlimited Clients & Users
    Set up unlimited clients and invite unlimited users.
  • Client Specific Maps
    TB Coder stores client specific maps as a result each client mapping file is fully customisable.
  • Supported Accounts Production Systems
    Sage, IRIS, TaxCalc, VT, BTC, Caseware, CCH, Forbes, Keytime, PTP, Absolute, Pinacle, Digita, Eureka and any other AP system that accepts TB imports!
  • Unlimited Accounts Production Charts
    Import unlimited accounts production charts for Limited companies, Charities, Doctors, LLP, partnerships, Soles traders for use in the application.
  • Rapid Coding
    This is achieved via system generated possible matches, previously saved matches and a Dynamic search functionality.
  • Free Online Support
    Unlimited email support and detailed on-line help centre.